We shall dance!

Dancing is one of the leading entertainment that Second Life offers its users and many sim host discos and clubs where you can dance to almost all hours of the day.

However as well as fun and entertainment, the dance can also be an effective form of artistic expression. With a little practice in building and the use of huds, creating a dance number is a very amusing pastime that allows you to give free rein to creativity and get great satisfaction.


I said to myself, why not to meet the challenge and take the path of a dancer?
So I set up a routine for the audition and with a little luck I joined the Luxe Girls group!

The Luxe Girls are a group of neoburlesque dancers, who perform montly for the members of Elysion, awesome sim owned by Syn Beresford, and their show are always a carousel of stunning performances, full of dazzling effects, wonderful colors and amazing costumes, mixed with fantasy and great expertise.

…and believe me, I don’t say so just because I’m part of the group!


Therefore if you wish to see one of this unique show, join Elysion Group in world and you will attend to one of the most gorgeous event of the grid!

Take the bus to Elysion

@Cover photo by Syn Beresford

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