… it’s never to late…

          "When the mystery of the connection goes, love goes. It's that simple.  This suggests that it isn't love that is so important to us but the mystery itself.  The love connection may be merely a device to put us in contact with the mystery, and we long for love to last so that the … Continue reading … it’s never to late…


We shall dance!

Dancing is one of the leading entertainment that Second Life offers its users and many sim host discos and clubs where you can dance to almost all hours of the day. However as well as fun and entertainment, the dance can also be an effective form of artistic expression. With a little practice in building … Continue reading We shall dance!

My Gallery – Flux Sur Mer

          If you took a walk through the wonderful narrow streets of Flux Sur Mer, while enjoying the nice atmosphere and the lovely landscape, probably you popped into my art gallery and took a look at my work. I wish to thank you all for spending few momwnts there; I hope you've found the visit … Continue reading My Gallery – Flux Sur Mer